The Kreg Jig Pocket Gap Method – A Quick Record

The Kreg Jig Pocket Gap Method – A Quick Record

The pocket hole jig is a acquainted and well-liked tool to all woodworking fanatics.  It is a software made use of for making pocket hole joints to join wooden jointly.  The Kreg Instrument Firm of Huxley, Iowa revolutionized this indispensable resource with its introduction of the Kreg Pocket Gap Jig.  Listed here is the heritage powering The Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Procedure, the enterprise and its founder.

Out of pure requirement, Craig Sommerfeld a instrument and die maker, established his very first tool the “Craig’s Jig” in 1986.  This was a one-hole pocket gap jig produced from steel and aluminum.  Observing the probable of his tool, Craig launched The Kreg Instrument Firm and revolutionized pocket hole joinery.  Today Kreg Instrument is the leader in Pocket Hole Technologies with its straightforward solutions and versions of the pocket gap jig.

In the 90’s various new resource improvements and upgrades had been created.  The Solitary-drill guidebook M1 Kreg Jig experienced been created readily available and the Two-drill guide M2 Kreg Jig was introduced.  Since of the demand from customers the K2 Kreg Jig was also released.  The DK100 device was produced for the custom made cabinet and furnishings stores and the portable Rocket Jig was patented. The Solitary drill guideline Mini Kreg Jig, an entry degree instrument great for repairs and space constrained programs was introduced out in 1998.

The 21st. Century introduced automation and diversification to the Kreg product or service line.  The Kreg Jig K2000 ProPack, the second era Kreg Jig, the Mini Kreg Jig and Rocket Jigs have been released. The DK1100 single-spindle equipment and the DK3100 a few spindle equipment enter the current market area. The 4 and 5 spindle DK4100 and DK5100 equipment, intended to drill pocket holes in cabinet sides, stairs, and drawer box parts, came out a yr later on. Merchandise diversification was made with the addition of the Precision Miter Gauge, Precision Band Noticed Fence, and Precision Trak and Quit Kit all developed to make cutting wooden far more accurate.

In 2005 the third technology jig or the Kreg K3 Jig and the Kreg Jig K3 grasp Method was released. The resource incorporates the most recent in Pocket Gap Technologies which includes interchangeable drill guidebook style, front facet clamping, Confront Clamp, Portable Foundation, Drill Information Spacer, Spacerdust selection, infinite upright adjustment, product assist end, and Instruction Guide

Although pocket gap jigs have been applied by the woodworking marketplace for several years, The Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Program has simplified pocket joinery by its background of improvements and steady improvements. 

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