Annual Feng Shui Cures For 2009

Annual Feng Shui Cures For 2009

Writing this Annual Cures Newsletter each year has become a labor of love, growing out of my own desire to know what to do, how to do it, and how best to assist my students and clients. Each year I compare several reports provided by other practitioners around the world. Some are quite basic and others are wonderfully rich in history and in the metaphysical underpinnings that give meaning to why we do, what we do.

All master practitioners emphasize that first and foremost a home or office must have good feng shui. Just doing Annual Cures will do little to help if the home or office is a feng shui disaster.

There are a lot of variables to consider, primarily your innate constitution for handling health stressors, your karma with money that enable you to handle what could be financially challenging times, your relationship harmony based on how well you have resolved your relationship issues, and so forth. Good feng shui won’t make some one of low IQ a genius, but good feng shui will increase every student’s ability proportionate to their capability.

Predictions can be made to what will generally effect the populace at large, but what kind of a year you will have is unique to you and can be examined based on your birth information. This is something I have been doing for 35 years with Western Astrology. Others trained in Vedic Astrology, Four Pillars of Destiny, and other systems of analysis can also describe your future trends. As all systems are glimpses into the holographic whole, the guidance and insights should be similar in accordance to the skill of the reader.

When I do Future Forecasts, I think of it as similar to a Road Map indicating road conditions. If there is a ‘bumpy’ stretch ahead, it is best to slow down to avoid ‘bottoming out’ and putting a hole in our gas tank; or when conditions are favorable, we can put ‘petal to the metal’ and zoom effortless and undeterred along our merry way. The concept is: forewarned is forearmed – to go with the flow as co-creator of your destiny, instead of bouncing along totally unaware and out of control.

Solar and Lunar Calendars

Countries in the Orient use two calendars. The Lunar Calendar is used for ceremonial purposes and determining the Animal Sign of the year. It is this Lunar New Year which you are all familiar with from placemats at your favorite Chinese restaurant. This calendar begins on the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, which this year falls on January 26 And then there is the Solar Calendar.

It is the Solar Calendar which is used in Xuan Kong (Time-Space) Feng Shui, commonly referred to as Flying Star (Fe Xing) Feng Shui, that determines the important feng shui adjustments that are needed as the earth’s magnetic field shifts at the beginning of each Spring.

The Chinese Solar New Year begins in the Orient on Feb. 3 or 4. It is this day that is considered the beginning of Spring as it is about mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

2009 – Year of the Yin Earth Cow
How Now, Brown Cow

Some call it the Year of the Ox, but technically, as this is a “yin” year, Cow is a more appropriate designation. Either way, the Ox or Cow is the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. It is also the sign of the born leader, being quite dependable and possessing an innate ability to achieve great things. As one might guess, such people are dependable, calm, and modest. Like their animal namesake, the Ox is unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint. They engage all the trials of the whole world and seek solutions for them. These people are extremely intelligent, speak little and, when necessary, are articulate and eloquent.

Sound familiar? That’s right, Barack Obama is an Ox. He was born in 1961, the Year of the Metal Ox. As the second animal sign in the Chinese 12-sign system, Oxen are diligent, stoic, and hard working – an abundant harvest reflects one’s conscientious effort.

Of course not all Animal Signs are compatible with the Ox, especially those born in Goat, Dragon, and Dog years. Individuals born during these years are especially advised, and everyone in general, to wear an amulet featuring a Pi Yao charm on a necklace, key chain, or hanging from your rearview mirror. Though you can get specific Animal Sign charms for your particular year, a Pi Yao is the best way to go, as Pi Yaos are loyal and will sacrifice themselves to protect the well-being of their owner.

Xuan Kong Feng Shui – 2009
Annual Number 9

There are many approaches to feng shui. The first and most important is evaluation of the Landforms and Chi Flow to, through, and around a place. This, in fact, is the subject of my book, Choose the Best House for You: The Feng Shui Checklist.

Many of you are familiar with the Bagua as a method of ‘mapping’ the home or office by designating certain areas as being a focal point for Abundance, Relationship, Career, and so forth – what is often referred to as the Eight Aspirations. In this system we place various items that symbolize these aspirations.

A more traditional approach uses a compass to determine the magnetic field of a location as seen in cycles of 20-Year Periods. There are nine periods equalling 180 years. Since Feb. 5, 2004, we are now in Period 8.

Within each of these 20-Year Periods, each year is also governed by an energetic pattern referred to as the Annual Number. The Annual Number for 2009 is 9. The #9 determines how the other numbers, representing various Elemental types of energy, or Qi, ‘fly’ according to the energetic sequence described by the Lo Shu Magic Square (above). It is these numbers, representing the Five Elements – Wu Xing that determines which areas of the house may or may not be enjoying good fortune.

Maintaining Balance

Consider if you were to weigh something on a balance scale with one side being heavier than the other. You add a little counterbalance to one side or another and eventually bring the scale to equilibrium. Or like a shower faucet, if the water flow is too hot, add a little cold until it is just right.

Now comes the Annual Elementals with some bringing positive, and others bringing negative, influences. In some cases the balance is unaffected, and in some the balance is tilted radically askew. It is this need to maintain equilibrium that dictates which remedies to apply to rebalance the negative tilt, and which enhancers should be considered to maximize the auspicious potentials.

By analyzing where these energies fall, using the Creative, Reductive, or Controlling Cycles according to Five-Element Theory, we can neutralize the negative energies and enhance the positive ones. Below is a description of what to do.

NOTE: As feng shui was developed by the Chinese over thousands of year, many of the solutions have Asian themes. However, you may substitute other items that you feel will achieve the same results.

It should also be understood that as feng shui has traveled from China to many new locales, different practitioners have developed differing methodologies to achieve harmonious results. Having learned their methods in some isolation from other practitioners, some feng shui experts may sound authoritarian about ‘how it should be done.’

Consequently, we in the west have a wonderful opportunity to hear what all teachers have to say, and to choose what we experience as working best for us. Try to be flexible during your learning process, do what resonates with your sensibilities, and do not follow any one method blindly. Most important, observe the results and modify accordingly.

Empower Your Cures and Enhancements

I am sure many of you reading this are already quite evolved in your own spiritual cultivation and maturity, and are quite capable to bless and energize your cures and enhancements by either placing on your home alter, or by doing the Three Secret Reinforcements of mantra, mudra, and visualization.

You can also energize each item by holding the item in the palm of one hand with the palm of your dominant hand over the item. Tune in, recite a prayer or blessing to program the item to fulfill its purpose. Or, as they say, to Anchor your Intention. Wait until you feel the item enliven with the transference of Qi, then respectfully place the item in the appropriate location.

Cleanse or Dispose of Old Cures

Before the beginning of the Solar New Year on Feb. 4, cleanse all cures, such as Wu Lus (gourds), Pi Yaos (dragon-headed four-leggeds), Wind Chimes, and many of the money cures used the previous year. There are some practitioners who suggest all cures used the previous year should be disposed of, while others feel this is a bit extreme. Almost all practitioners agree, however, that it is best to completely dispose of Bagua Mirrors and Salt Water Cures (described below) as they are full of negative energy.

Some authorities suggest previous year cures should be cleansed by leaving them exposed to the Full Moon over night, others place them in direct sunlight for at least four hours. Some say you should sprinkle the previous year’s cures with Sea Salt and then rinse off. Clean according to your tradition.

Installing Cures

Once items are cleansed, they should be put in their new positions by Feb. 4. Some people put their cures into place before Feb. 4, but anytime during the year is better than not at all. Once cures are in place, it is said that it takes about a month for them to absorb any negative energy being generated by the negative numbers and to enjoy the benefits of the enhancements put into place to enhance the positive numbers.

But whatever you do, don’t worry if your bed, front door, or office are in those areas considered “afflicted” this year. By placing your feng shui cures and enhancements in the right Sectors, you will bring balance to your home or office, so you can continue to enjoy good health, great prosperity, and relationship harmony.

However, if after the Annual Cures are in place, you begin to experience difficulties regarding finances, health, relationships, or any other area of life, remove, readjust, or add additional cures according to the suggested placement, and then observe again. Flying Star cures for the house are done once. Annual Cures are for short term results and might need adjusting.

Note: Consulting with a professional feng shui practitioner may be beneficial to evaluate the outside Landforms and the Flying Star number combinations which were in effect when the home or business was built.

Work With Your Floor Plan and Use an Accurate Compass
As you read through the following recommendations, it may be easier to do so with an accurate floor plan of you home or office in front of you. You can divide the floor plan using the traditional 9-Box Grid method or the 8-Spoked Wheel method preferred by many Hong Kong masters. Whether using the Grid or Pie method, mark each sector with the appropriate compass direction, and then fill in the recommendations.

If you do not own a traditional lou pan (feng shui compass), any good compass will do that has ALL 360º clearly indicated. (Avoid compasses with degrees in 2º or 5º increments, or that just have the letters of the directions.

The illustration above uses the 8-Spoked Wheel method and is an example you might want to follow. This will assist you in making your shopping list. Then, when you gather your remedies, you will have a clear reminder as to where the cures and enhancers should be placed.

Note: Cures listed are suggested choices. Use one or more. If you use one with no apparent result, add another. Cures can be put in the appropriate compass direction of the house, and or in the corresponding corner of any room, especially in one’s office.

Feng Shui Cures and Enhancements for 2009
First, we will look at the inauspicious Stars which require cures to neutralize their potentially negative influences and which, if possible, you do not want to disturb with activity. If you can use another room, it is advised. If you need to use any of these areas, don’t worry! Just be sure to put the suggested cures into place and observe results, making appropriate adjustments as needed.

K’un – 2 Black Earth in the West
“Star of Illness”

The first difficult number (Element) that needs reducing is the 2 Black Earth which this year is found West sector of the house. The #2 makes this an area of potential illness (especially stomach ailments), and misfortune in 2009. So take extra care to neutralize the #2’s potentially malicious influence.

As with 5 Yellow mentioned next, it is best if you do not have to use this area of the home. If you do have to use this area, be sure to use the cures listed below to neutralize their negative influences. If you are among the few lucky ones with a bathroom, utility room, or lesser used room in the West, do not be concerned – no cure is needed.

Wu Wang – 5 Yellow Earth in North
“Star of Misfortune”

With Annual Star 9 in the Center this year, 5 Yellow (Wu Wang), considered malicious as it is not associated with a gender or trigram, will fly to the North. If possible, do not use any room in the North. As Fire feeds Earth, if you have a fireplace in the North, it is advisable to avoid using it during 2009. If there is a bed or desk in this sector of the home or room, consider if you can move the bed or desk to a better sector. Though a bathroom, utility room, or an infrequently used guest room in the North mitigates the 5 Yellow’s detrimental nature, placing cures are still recommended.

The following cures are recommended to protect prosperity, relationships and health: A 6-Tube Wind Chime is placed wherever the 5 Yellow is found, as ‘moving’ Metal reduces the negative effects of the 5 Yellow Earth. You can also place a brass Five Element Pagoda in this area filled with earth taken from near the home or office to lock the negative Earth energy up. Also place round objects.

Other additional cures also recommended for controlling the negative influences of both 5 Yellow Earth and 2 Black Earth are as follows:

Cures for 2 Black and 5 Yellow:

o In both the West and in the North, 6-Coins tied together with a red cord can be used to weaken #2 and #5 and to protect wealth, especially if this is the front door. A Solid Brass Ingot, Brass Dragons, or a metal statue of Kuan Kung, a Wealth God, can also be placed in either West or North to protect prosperity.
o If the #2 or #5 is in a bedroom, a small heavy Brass Wu Lu can also be placed next to the bed. The Wu Lu is nicknamed ‘the Giver of Life.’
o Many practitioners feel the Salt Water Cure is the most effective cure for #2 and #5. Some practitioners use an open bucket while others suggest a 12 to 16 oz. urn with a perforated covering. Which ever you choose, fill it 2/3 with rock salt and place 6 copper coins and a silver coin (optional) on top (real copper and silver, not alloys). Then fill the urn with water. If you use a cover, either gauze or plastic wrap, secure it with rubber band or twine, and then poke holes in the cover large enough to allow the urn or bucket to breathe, and yet not evaporate too rapidly. At the end of the year this cure, urn, salt, coins and water should be disposed of by placing the old materials in a sack and dumping them in the trash. New materials should always be obtained for the current year’s use. Remember, one Salt Water Cure in the West and North.
o If the front door is in either the East or North, a Bagua Mirror should be hung outside above the door to deflect the incoming Sha (killing) Qi. Other objects of metal, especially round in shape or metallic colors, should be placed inside near the front door. Oil the hinges and avoid slamming the door.
o As the Fire Element enhances Earth, avoid using bright lights, red colors, burning candles, or playing loud music. If there are already red colors in this area, you can leave them, but add more Metal images or objects to maintain balance.
o If you do have to work outside the home in either the West or North, hang a 6-Tube Wind Chime between that area and the house. If you are working on a larger area that includes the West or North, do not be concern as long as the West or North is not the focal point.
o Use Metal Singing Bowls or Tibetan Tingsha (cymbals) once in awhile to disperse the negative energy of the #2 and #5.

Zhen – 3 Jade Wood in the NE
“Star of Arguments”

Though the #3 is not a timely number, it is said to be usable in Period 8. Even so, it is still wise to be cautious as #3 is not inherently a fortunate energy and can bring short tempers, arguments, legal problems, divorce, and so forth. As with any negative influence, minimize use of this area and postpone remodeling.

Avoid metal wind chimes, metal ornaments, or placing any additional objects made of metal in this area as Metal “attacks” Wood. Avoid adding water or watery colors or symbols, as Water nourishes Wood. In fact, it is advisable to remove water features that may have been placed there in previous years.

It is best to reduced #3 Wood Element using the Fire Element. So burn candles, use bright lights, hang a lead-glass Crystal Sphere, place interior design accessories that are red, like Red Tassels, lamps with red lamp shades, a red piece of paper, or objects that are triangle shaped. A Red Kuan Yin, representing peace and compassion, or a Red Laughing (Ho Tai) Buddha can be used to transform the negative Qi of 3 Jade Wood.

You can also put your 12-Coin Ball tied with a Red Ribbon in the NE to guard against financial lost. If the NE is the direction of your front door, hang a new Bagua Mirror over the door to deflect any negative incoming energy. What makes the NE even more challenging, is that it is also the direction of Tai Sui.

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui) in NE

Unfortunately, the #7 shares the NE with Tai Sui, remember never to face the Grand Duke or disturb this area with remodeling, or even hammering a nail into a wall to hang a picture.

Avoid all out door digging. If you need to mow a lawn or do some construction that includes the NE, begin the project or activity to the left or right of the NE sector.

If your desk faces this direction, you may want to consider shifting it slightly to avoid the 15º occupied by the Grand Duke, which this year is 22.5º to 37.5º. Best of all is to sit with your back to the Grand Duke, and use this energy to support you in all your endeavors.

Do not put wind chimes, a fan, or any appliances that make noise in this sector this year, which can be difficult if this is your kitchen or TV viewing room. If that is the case, try to position yourself with the Grand Duke behind you and be sure to a Pi Yao (mythical animal with a dragon-head, horse body, with one or two horns, little wings, and hooves, or any fierce looking animal such as a rhinoceros) in the SW sector of the house or a room facing the NE for protection. Perhaps carry a Pi Yao Charm in your pocket, or some other Protection Amulet in accordance to your spiritual belief.

Some authorities recommend a pair of Pi Yao be used in order to adequately control Tai Sui. Whether one or two Pi Yao, plain or bejeweled, pay attention the first few weeks to see if they are truly protecting you, especially financially.

Dui – 7 Red Metal in East
“Star of Robbery”

The #7 is declining in influence and has now become a negative influence representing violence and robbery. And this year 7 Metal conflicts with Wood East.

If the 7 Star is in the kitchen, there needs to be caution against fires. So check smoke alarms and home fire extinguishers. If you have an office in the East consider moving it, or be extra careful to double check all legal agreements.

If the front door is in the East, be sure locks and security systems are working properly. You may want to put a new Bagua Mirror over the door. If your front door mat is red, you may want to replace it with one that is blue or other dark color. If you have a wind chime, it might be a good idea to remove it until Feb 4, 2010.

To avoid Metal 7 danger Do Not adding things made of Metal or Earth, as Earth nourishes the Metal energy of #7. Blue and dark colored accessories, along with a bowl of clean still water with six coins or “lucky bamboo” can be a calming influence to #7. Some people place a Blue Rhinoceros figurine in the area of #7.

Three Killings (San Sha) in the East

Unfortunately, this year the #7 Star shares the East with the Three Killings, which can add to this sector’s difficulties. However, the Three Killings should not be a problem if the proper remedies are put into place. Most of all, avoid sitting with your back to the East, and remember Do Not face the 15º of the Grand Duke in the NE (22.5º to 37.5º).

To protect yourself, place three Qi-Lin (Chinese Unicorns) or Pi Yao (often sold in pairs) facing East. To avoid financial lose Do Not begin construction or digging in this direction.

Next, we will look at this year’s fortunate Stars which you want to activate in order to tap their potentially positive influences.

K’an – 1 White Water in NW
“Star of Relationship”

This year the position of #1 Star is situated in the NW of the home. As the NW is related to Metal, Water Star 1 is nourished bringing opportunities for promotion and a boost for prosperity.

To hold onto the money that comes in some authorities recommend a Bejeweled Dragon-headed Tortoise. Actually, any money enhancers should do the job: such as the 12-Coin Ball with a red tassel, a Solid Brass Ingot, and anything else made of solid metal, such as a Seven-Tier Pagoda, or a Gold Arowana Fish figurine as the Metal nourishes Water.

As Water is the friend of 1 White Water, installing a Water Fountain or aquarium (moving water) in the NW sector will also boost prosperity and professional good fortune. Do Not, however, put a water feature with a water pump in the bedroom if the bedroom is in the NW of the house.

A Brass Wu Lou or other metal or round objects beside the bed will be beneficial. Blue dark colored, or heavily patterned interior design touches are encouraged to stimulate the Water Element. Avoid adding Fire Element colors or shapes.

Xun – 4 Green Wood in South
“Star of Intelligence, or Romance”

Wood 4 combines well with Fire South which brings new opportunities for career improvement or travel, if the front door of the house or an office is situated in this sector. Caution though, to feed the Wood and not the Fire.

Still water is an especially good way to attract prosperity, but the water must be kept clean water, whether in a vase with fresh flowers, or with four “lucky bamboo” in the bowl. An office in the South is especially auspicious for writers and other creative professions. If the #4 is in the bedroom use relationship images like Mandarin Ducks, which mate for life.

Do Not use water scenes in the bedroom, as some say this can lead to infidelity. If the #4 is in the bedroom, a wood Kuan Yin, Mandarin Ducks, or Dragon and Phoenix will add romance and stability to relationships.

Avoid adding objects that are white or metallic tone in color, made of metal, or are round or semi-circular in shape as Metal attacks Wood. Avoid the color red, triangle shapes, or burning candles as Fire reduces Wood. Either remove these items, or add additional dark, watery colors, and amorphous shapes to nourish 4 Green Wood whichever room in the house #4 is visiting.

Placing a Crystal Globe on a desk favors travel, a Seven-Tier Pagoda, an Abacus, and or a Calligraphy Pen Set is excellent to benefit academic achievement as well as the creative professions. A Gem Tree with Red Stones can also be used to harmonize 4 Wood with South Fire.

Qian – 6 White Metal in SW
“Star of Heaven”

The sector with #6 is usually considered to be excellent wealth and career success, especially this year as the SW Earth feeds the Metal Element of #6.

However, caution is also needed this year as the SW is also the location of Sui Po, the Year Breaker. Though you can strengthen the #6 with things made of metal such as a Dragon-headed Turtle with a coin in its mouth, metal Dragons, or other metallic wealth images, be careful not to activate the negative influences of Sui Po, the Year Breaker, by renovating, digging, or disturbing this area in any way.

You can also energize #6 with a lead-glass Crystal Sphere, or real Quartz Sphere or natural and unshaped. One or six Hollow Gold Ingots can be placed in the SW to enhance #6 (light weight, non-metallic, and gold color), or a non-metallic Gold Buddha.

Do not burn candles, and avoid adding anything with the color of red or that is triangular shaped, as the Fire Element destroys Metal.

If the SW is a bedroom, tone down #6 Metal with blue colored items, images of relationship harmony such as depictions of a Dragon and Phoenix

Gen – 8 White Earth in SE
“Star of Wealth”

The #8 is most fortunate as it is the Reigning Star for the next 15 years. This will bring great good fortune and career recognition, especially if your front door or office is located in this direction. If your front door is in the SE and you typically enter the house through a different door, place an energizer in this sector, such as a Water Fountain, kinetic sculpture, or chiming clock. And keep the entrance way clean and clutter free.

However, with #8 Earth in conflict with Wood SE, it is recommended to use more than one cure to insure financial well being and harmonious relationships such as a Wood Wu Lu tied with a red ribbon. As Fire makes Earth and triggers the good fortune in Star #8. Other items utilizing the red color can be used to burn up the Wood Element of the SE, while activating the #8 Earth, such as a Cinnabar Egg or a Red Laughing (Ho Tai) Buddha with hands over his head, holding an ingot, or sitting on a pile of ingots can all be used effectively. Coin Swords, 8-Coins on a red string with a tassel, and so forth will stimulate the 8 White Earth to bring financial good fortune. Use one or more.

Traditionally, a prosperity symbols like a red Wealth God, 3-Legged Toad or Dragon-headed Tortoise with a coin in its mouth is placed in the sector occupied by the Wealth Star 8, or placed in the SE end of an office. Using Eight Mansion Feng Shui, you can also place any prosperity symbol in the Sheng Ch’i direction of your Life Gua (see my Master Formula Study Guide #1).

Consider reposition your desk to a SE sector of the home or office and placing important financial documents in this sector, along with such wealth energizers as a real Quartz Crystal Sphere, Wealth Vase, Treasure Ship, or semi-precious stones, such as a Citrine Gem Tree.

However, the very best wealth energizer is activity. Open windows and let fresh air in. Most important of all, every time you walk through a door or room in this area, think: ka ching! If the SE is not a frequently used room, you can energize the SE sector of your office with something that moves, whether an aquarium, CD player, or an oscillating fan.

If your bedroom is in the SE, romance images such as a Dragon and Phoenix figurine, two Rose Quartz Hearts, or a pair of Mandarin Ducks will be beneficial for attracting a relationship and for maintaining relationship harmony.

Avoid using items made of metal (other than metal coins), as the Metal Element drains the Earth aspect of Wealth Star 8.

Li – 9 Purple Fire in the Center
“Star of Future Prosperity”

The 9 Purple Star is the “rising star” of Period 8 and represents the future prosperity and success of your business or career. It is also referred to as the Multiplying Star as it makes more of whatever it comes in contact with.

This year the Fire Element #9 is in harmony both with the Period Star 8 Earth and the double Earth of Yin Earth Ox, and will bring great good fortune to many homes and businesses.

The Center of the house is also a good area for study or for a bedroom. If a bedroom, placing a Wood Kuan Yin statue here will enhances relationship harmony. It is also recommended to place healthy green plants, fresh flowers, or any other symbols of yin-yang harmony to empower relationships, as Wood nourishes Fire.

For prosperity use red or purple objects such as an amethyst geod, nine amethyst crystals, or an Amethyst Gem Tree. A Scroll with Nine Fish, or nine dragons all strengthen #9’s good fortune while protecting it from negative Monthly Stars.

Avoid using items made of earth, square shape, or earth tones as the Earth Element weakens Fire and, possibly, the good luck of the Star of Future Prosperity.